What do you think of a girl with 4 kids by 4 different fathers?

That slagĀ“s a big slut!! What kind of decent or respectable woman has 4 kids by 4 different men? Not a very classy person..I would expect that from a man but not from a woman or girl..

This modern urban allegory spans different decades in a close up gritty account of life growing up in Northern England. Like the twelfth night, the author has an epiphany when her last and final partner tries to commit suicide in front of her children. It was not love that held his artery together.

This harrowing yet also shockingly funny story cleverly flits between the first and the third person and explores the duality of personality between Olivia and Viola. The author takes the reader on a bipolar journey of emotions but with the heroine rising phoenix like from the flames time and time again.

This author has a unique approach to both life and writing and will leave the reader questioning what is real and what is dramatised.

Every emotion is explored and makes 50 shades pale into whiter than white.